Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moments This Week That Have Made Me Laugh...

When the girls ask me for things they know they won't get, I have a standard response. For example, Peyton says all the time "I want Nana to come over and spend the night with me" (You can substitute any family member for Nana in that sentence. I hear this request many times every day.). My response to her is usually "I want a million dollars." Then I explain to her that we don't always get what we want! Anyway.... we were driving to Wal-Mart the other day and Laila said something about wanting a toy or something in the floor of the car.... then I hear Peyton respond with "Well, I want a million dollars." I lost it... I was laughing so hard tears came to my eyes.

Laila has the sweetest voice and her words are always so cute. She speaks fairly well but the words aren't always exactly right. She's learned her cousin Amelia's name and the way she says it is absolutely precious! She pronounces it A-MOOL-YA. So stinkin' cute!

Last night Jared was changing a poopy diaper of Laila's in the girls' bedroom and Peyton came out of the bedroom into the kitchen (where I was) and said that "I told daddy I had to get out of there, Laila's diaper stinks too bad." Seriously, that was hilarious.

And finally.... I laughed at how none of my children escaped getting their daddy's feet! Please check out the following picture of my Mika Lynn's feet. Notice the extra big Big Toe. Also, feel free to notice how adorably cute her little legs and feet are!
Jared's big toe is longer than his other toes, my second toe is the longest on my feet. All of my girls have his toes. And I love it! And it constantly makes me smile!

I just wanted to document these few moments to remember later. Things have been so crazy around here lately that I've needed these little laughs with my kids. Happy Thursday - I hope y'all take some time to laugh today!


Linda Lou Rogers Averitt said...

well atleast you did not say what I was thinking hte other day when someone told me they wnated 200,000 for thier home which is worth about 160ish, people in hell wnat ice water too! I love your stories and I will come and spend the night with her:) hugs

Alex and Jill said...

These made me laugh!! And hearing Laila say Amelia's name just warmed my heart - SO PRECIOUS!!