Friday, March 26, 2010

What Does 70 Years of Love Look Like?

This is my Mamaw giving my Papaw some water. He is in the nursing home not doing well and she still comes to take care of him. She's been taking care of him for over 70 years and she will do it as long as she can. (I thank one of my aunts for the sweet picture). 

Papaw is 90 years old and has cancer that they are not treating for a number of reasons. He has lived an incredible life - 90 years worth!

He and Mamaw had 12 children
23 Grandchildren (including me!)
and 42 Great-Grandchildren (so far).
These numbers are by my count so I could be missing some - it is REALLY hard to keep up with that many people :)

Mamaw and Papaw are incredible examples of how to love Jesus, how to love your spouse and love your children. And I love them so much!

I pray that Papaw's days on earth are peaceful and comfortable and filled with love and family. I know that the cancer will take his body and has already started to, but I love that he is still the same Papaw - ornery and loving to aggravate everyone! 

I hope this picture and post bless you - I think it is so wonderful to see that people can still love each other so much after 70 years together. For most of us it is hard to imagine spending 70 years with someone. :) 

Happy Friday!