Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring/Summer Wardrobes

As promised... here are some pictures of the girls' warm weather clothes.

These are the Easter dresses that Nanny and Whitney picked out. Complete with white sweaters and white patent leather dress shoes! The girls tried them on and LOVED their "princess" dresses. :)

This is Peyton's stash! She has some CUTE summer everyday dresses and some short outfits. I have some play clothes that I didn't bring out for the photo. Actually I have play clothes for all of the girls that I didn't take pictures of. :) Peyton has some great hot pink polka dot flip flops so now we just need some white sandals.

And here is Miss Laila's wardrobe. As you can see... she has a lot of the same things as Peyton. She also has some things that I didn't bring out. We are still on the hunt for a few items to complete her wardrobe, but we'll find them! And L needs some white sandals too. I like to buy the girls good shoes that they will wear most of the time. I don't really mind spending a little extra money to get some shoes that will last until they grow out of them (which will be by the end of summer). So in the next few weeks I'll be searching for the perfect summer sandals for the girls.

And finally Little Mika Lynn's new summer clothes! She has a huge drawer full of clothes that her big sisters wore and I saved but like Laila (who has Peyton's handed down clothes) she needs some new things just for her! There are a few more things that I've picked up (and Whitney has picked up) but they are all put away in her closet so I'll just show you these. And the pink and green onesie - it has ruffles on the bootie! Love it!

So there you go... a glimpse at the fun spring things we've picked up for the girls. Nanny and Mimi have done most of the  shopping . They enjoy picking out little girl clothes as much as I do!!!

Now it just needs to get warm enough for me to put these fun outfits on my girls!!!

Happy Spring everyone!

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Cute cute stuff!!!