Friday, March 5, 2010

One Month...

Today Mika and I headed to her one month doctor appointment. My darling Nanny stayed home with the big girls - I'm not sure I could have managed all three girls at the doctor's office. Thank you Nanny!

** Speaking of Nanny, she turns 70 this month and we are having a surprise party for her! I'm so excited :)

Sorry for that little interruption.... Mika was great while we waited. Then we got called back. Apparently we've given our child a name that people have a hard time pronouncing. It NEVER occurred to me that we would have to tell people how to pronounce it, but since she was born we are constantly asked if it is like Mike-a or Meek-a. It is like Mike-a :) Crazy!

Little Miss now weighs in at a hefty 9 pounds 1 ounce. My biggest baby at one month :) We had to see a different doctor at the clinic since our doctor is on maternity leave (she just had the CUTEST baby girl!). He said she was VERY healthy!!! I love hearing those words. As a mom, I feel like I sometimes need to hear from other people that I'm doing things right - my family tells me enough, but a little outside confirmation is good for me.

Now I need some advice/opinions/etc. This doctor told me that since I'm solely breastfeeding that I need to give Mika a vitamin D supplement. I was never instructed to do this with the other girls and I breastfed them as well. I realize that different doctors do things differently, but I wanted to ask all of you moms out there - did you supplement vitamin D while you were breastfeeding? I guess I just like to know how other people do things... I do plan on doing some research before I start the vitamin supplement.

We concluded the appointment with an unexpected shot. I thought the shots didn't come until 2 months, but I guess we all know how well my memory works!! Baby girl did great - of course she cried during the shot but she quickly fell asleep and is still sleeping!!

I'm so proud of my baby girl and I can't believe that we are 1/12 the way through her first year! :) I realize that I don't have any pictures of her to share.... I really have been bad about taking pictures since I've been home with all 3 girls by myself. My focus is on making sure we all survive the day, therefore the camera doesn't get much use. I'll try to get better. I know I need to.

Happy Weekend!!!

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Alex and Jill said...

I wouldn't think there would be problems with pronouncing her name either...that is weird!

So glad she is healthy. She certainly didn't feel like she weighed 9 lbs at the bday party...she felt so tiny!

I don't remember Amelia getting a shot at her 1 month appointment either...hmmmm.